It’s All About The People

Its all about the people

Image Copyright Katriona Beales 2011.

It’s All About The People by Shane Beales and Nadya Shanab

Inspired by the events across the Middle East and North Africa.
“It’s All About The People” (featuring Nadya Shanab)
Artwork by Katriona Beales “Untitled [series of 3]“

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Written by Shane Beales and Nadya Shanab.
Featuring special guests Jack Stevens on bass and Jack Pinter on Saxophone.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Shane Beales.
Release date: 1/4/11
Copyright 2011 Shane Beales/Nadya Shanab

Arabic translation:

“People stand up and call out in your tongue and my country’s tongue
teach them freedom – the language of humanity
O people the scream is loud – we’ll make the whole world listen
hold onto your neighbours hand and pray for God to protect my country and his.”

Images from Egypt taken by Mark Jaffrey

It’s all about the people

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