September 6th

Photo: Ewan Eason

The boats told a story at Waterloo Bridge yesterday morning.
It was twenty past six in the morning and despite the grey skies, we found our Golden Sunrise… (It’s the one on the left!)

It marked the start of a brilliant day, which was concluded with a monumental gig Zigfrid Von Underbelly’s in Hoxton. It was the first time since Easter that I’d got to play with a full band, and only the second time since arriving in London a year ago. It was so enjoyable to share a stage and be part of a team. My thanks go out to all who participated last night, either on the stage with me or in the audience. It is days like this that provide fuel to speed through the difficult ones!

Congratulations to prophet PJ on her Mercury Prize win last night. Poignant that it is the 10th anniversary of her first victory, which was awarded on September 11th. It has been a tumultuous decade. There should be space for more albums to be able to confront culture and comment on history.

Be brave, be salient.

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