Tell of Spring 2

From Vienna Dioscorides
Vienna Dioscorides

Rather bizarrely, the events of my first year of living in London seemed to closely follow the seasons. As Spring arrived I began to notice the blossom on the trees (it felt like) for the first time in a meaningful way.

As the clocks changed, the days lengthened and colours returned, I was struck by what I was seeing on one of several laps of Victoria Park that I completed at the time. What was so exciting for me about Spring was not that it is the ‘main event’ of the year, but rather it is the beginning of something new and hopeful, surprising and yet familiar.

The strange thing is that the big feelings of hope and excitement are triggered by these tiny little buds.

Also while this was all happening, I became an uncle for the first time. My niece was born on the other side of the world (where it happened to be autumn!) and nothing could describe those huge feelings of joy, excitement, celebration, hope and delight that her birth brought us all.

It is funny that some of the largest feelings are triggered by some of the smallest things…

As well as being associated with language, the word ‘tell’ is also used in archaeology, particularly in the middle east. It often speaks of a mound where over time various settlements have been built on top of each other. Even modern cities such as New York and London are tells as they have been built up on top of the rubble of what had preceded them.

‘Tell’ can also of course be a command or a directive and is always connected to some for of communication or other. It seemed fitting, then, to begin with this song from the new album, as it is my intention to communicate something of the history of these last 12 months through the songs on this new album.

There has been discovery yet again this year and I guess that the clues are always there waiting to be unearthed.

That life goes on. It is never neat, it is rarely convenient and can be unbelievably cruel.

And so often what gets us back up on our feet and keeps us going is not the grand gesture or the dream come true, but the faintest whisper, the glimmer of hope, the little buds that need nurturing and protecting early on; but that you know one day will have the chance to tell their own fiercely unique and glorious story.

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