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Just found this nice review of Tel Aviv on the Guardian website in an article that begins with news of Thom Yorke’s DJing. Well, that’s one more to cross off the list…

“…Hackney-based singer-songwriter Shane Beales sounds like a man who based his musical direction on Radiohead from the Bends to Kid A, such is the tone of the yearning, electro-flecked and melodic songsmithery on his enjoyable new self-released Tel Aviv album. What marks it out is that it’s extremely short, Beales having noticed that listeners no longer have terribly long attention spans. He fits six songs and a heartfelt, season-based narrative about disappointment and new hope into just 15 minutes. It makes you wish more acts did the same, which proves what a good idea it is. You can sample Tel Aviv’s songs, or download the album for £3, from”

Many thanks to Chris Salmon for the the mention.

You can also add your own review of Tel Aviv to the Guardian Website. Just go to this link and type away! Look forward to reading your reviews!!!!

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