New Songs Rehearsal – 13/3/12

Last night we had a rehearsal of some brand new music in its infancy. It was very exciting, because the last time I did something like this was 8 years ago…!

Behind the scenes footage from a rehearsal of some new songs performed by Shane Beales, James Harrison, Jack Stevens and Phil Martin. With Andy Herbertson on sound and camera and Ben Trickey on a sofa.

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Creativity #1

“I was born out of love, it’s the only way you come into this world”
- Blur, Ambulance

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging some thoughts about creativity for anyone who may be interested. (Disclaimer: I imagine that many far more intelligent people than I will have written supremely better researched scientific theses on the subject of creativity – I am not trying to join them in the academic stratosphere, nor claiming that any of the following is entirely original thought – rather this is just a few ideas I’ve had over the last few months that I thought I’d share to see what other people responses may be…) Please feel free to participate, to disagree and enlighten me by posting your comments below!

So to start at the beginning – I was struck by the above line from the opening track of Blur’s latest album Think Tank. Damon is on to something! It is my opinion that every time something new is created or ‘birthed’ be it an almond croissant, a programmer’s algorithm, an allegro con brio or Avatar, believe it or not, it is born out of love.

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